Pie Chart Definition Learning

A rounded graph having radii dividing the circle into sectors comparatively in angle and area to the reactive size of the quantities represented is generally known as pie chart. Pie charts also called as Circle Graph.  Definitions of Pie charts show the quantity of data with relative size of angle in the total angle of circle. So first we need to change the quantity of data into the relative angel. Since the angle around the circle is 360o in proportion to the given data,

Each pie chart having the following pieces of information

  • Learning Chart title,
  • Learning Sectors ,
  • Learning Sector label.


Related terms in the Definition of Pie chart:


Learning Chart title Definition:

It displays the overview information of the chart; it will always present the above of the chart

Learning Sectors Definition:

The graph contains many sector, every sector represents the one part of the whole. Here the graph contains the 3 sectors; it means it displays the 3 different of source of revenues. While learning the definition of pie chart we will notice that the bigger revenues will get a bigger area in the pie chart and the smaller revenue will get a smaller area.

Learning Sector label Definition:

It will be denoted the category of information represented in the sector and may also give numeric data (often a percentage).

learning sector label definition

Learning Formula for Pie chart:

Central angle = (Type of comp * (360 degree))/ (Total value)

Central angle: An angle formed in the center of a circle by the meeting of two radii.

Sector: A part of a circle bounded by two radii and the part of the circumference that lies between them.

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Example Problems on Learning Definition of Pie chart:


The below information represents the John marks, draw the pie chart for that information

Math → 47

Science → 39

History → 53

English → 34

Geography → 45

French → 56

TOTAL = 180


Since the angle around the centre is 360o, therefore

Central angle = value of the component × 360o/total value

Subject Marks Central angle
Math 40 80
Science 32 64
History 45 90
English 28 56
Geography 15 30
French 20 40









pie chart

Total degrees = 80° + 64° + 90° + 56° + 30° + 40° = 360°

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Uses of Definitions of Pie chart:

A pie diagram can be used in various applications, mainly in government applications. It also used to collect the information related to credit, land use pattern, age, gender, income-expenditure pattern, soil types, etc…A pie chart makes the information more easily and understood as a graphical representation of the statistics. A pie diagram can be used in various applications, mainly in government applications


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